Directors - Louis Ellison & Jacob Hodgkinson
Editor - Buster Grey-Jung
Sound Designer - Buster Grey-Jung
Colourist - Jonny Tully

Japan has always been famous for its fashion subcultures. Walk about Tokyo on the weekend and you'll see the usual mash-up of lolita, rockabilly and cosplay enthusiasts. But look that little bit harder and you'll also see the chino slacks, white vests and tattoos belonging to Japanese 'Cholos' – those who have dedicated their life to Chicano subculture. Now often negatively associated with L.A. street gangs, Chicano culture actually has its roots in the Mexican-American empowerment movement which spanned the 1940s through 1970s. So how did it end up in Japan?

Chicano lifts the lid on this underground sub-culture and explores how it has evolved from a scene which is often negatively associated with LA street gangs and Lowrider cares.

Premiered on Dazed & Confused
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