People Fall In Love

Writer & Performer - Toby Thompson
Direction - Buster Grey-Jung & Stroma Cairns
Edit - Stroma Cairns
Grade - Buster Grey-Jung
Sound - Josh Grey-Jung

This film is a clarion call for the world to reconsider an approach which commodifies education and stifles creativity to everybody’s cost. Directed by Buster Grey-Jung and Stroma Cairns and funded by Arts Council England this utterly charming and powerful film speaks to our hearts as well as our minds.

The poem, People Fall In Love was commissioned in 2016 by Bath-based charity “5x5x5=creativity” whose mission is to champion and enable a greater role for true creativity in education and our wider society. The brief they gave Toby was in part to celebrate the views of their patron Sir Ken Robinson, whose TED Talk, “Do schools kill creativity?” is the most watched of all time. Sir Ken has personally endorsed the film, saying that “Toby has “a wonderful gift for language, a deep sensibility and a penetrating sense of perspective."

Please watch it, enjoy it, and most of all - if you recognise how vital its message is to all of us - please share it widely.